Calendar Guys 2035

Mr. January

Real Name: Paul Donaldson
Fan Name: Daniel Harding
Pose: Laying on his side in front of a roaring fireplace on a bearskin rug, dark blond head propped up on one hand. He's wearing loose red plaid flannel pants that are riding a bit low on his hips, and he has a smirk on his lips as his other hand beckons the camera closer. His bedroom eyes are a startling blue. Judging by the sheen on him, he's apparently oiled himself up. From the multiple light sources, there are probably candles around, and the edge of the photo shows scattered pillows and blankets.
Fan Background: Daniel is widely regarded as one of the kinkiest of the Calendar Guys, as well as the most lecherous/promiscuous. Regardless of who he's paired with, he's been flagged as pansexual and switch, even known to enjoy women with strap-ons. The more romantic fics have him leaving aside his manwhore ways because he has finally fallen in love (almost always with female OCs) but still bringing that sexual adventurousness into his One True Love's bedroom. There is a loud minority of fangirls who insist that he's NOT a kinkmeister (though no one debates the size of his sexual appetites) and portray him as passionately in love with whoever their character of choice is. Further background about Daniel outside his proclivities is scattered and not pinned down; everyone seems to have a different idea of his job/family/personal history. He appears in a large number of "PWP" fics.
Often Paired With: Everyone

Mr. February

Real Name: Adar Kron
Fan Name: Elias Alexander
Pose: Pale blonde hair. Icy blue eyes. He sits on a throne (okay, a really fancy chair, but it could be a throne), clearly in charge here and yet... offering you a heart-shaped box of chocolates with a smile. He has an open robe of shimmery blue see-through fabric, edged in silver threads, and knee-high white leather boots on over his tight navy pants. He's the least muscled of the Calendar Guys and that, combined with his hopeful smile, gives him an air of vulnerability, even as all the trappings around him scream opulence and power.
Fan Background: Vincent may have the "ice prince" persona down pat, but Elias is the Snow King. Basically, the fans have turned February into a male version of Elsa from Frozen: capable of ice/snow magic, afraid of his own powers, but not necessarily cold emotionally, just... distant. Some of the fans theorize him as non-neurotypical and unsure as to how to initiate romantic/sexual interactions but badly wanting to learn. After Riley, his is the character most often "taken advantage of" in fics. In fantasy AUs, he's often cast as a mage and teamed up with Brett (filling the ranger/scout role), Tyler (werefox/fox spirit), and Darryl (warrior/tank/leader) and sent off on merry adventures (usually Vincent or Daniel fill the villain roles, though sometimes Elias ends up as a sympathetic villain). As with Tyler, it's rare to find a version of Elias that isn't set in some sort of fantasy AU, but those looking for modern world Elias have a slight edge as magic is at least a thing now since the Boom. In fact, he's a favorite of mage fanficcers and fanartists for precisely this reason.
Often Paired With: January, April, May, August, October

Mr. March

Real Name: Ross Foley
Fan Name: Aidan Byrnes
Pose: The most covered of all the Calendar Guys, March is looking right at you as he's unbuttoning his shirt. It's mostly open now, showing off a good expanse of chest, but his vest is still on, the undone tie still draped over either shoulder. His dress slacks are tighter than formal or business standards would really dictate, but that look. His emerald eyes are staring into the camera as if he's in a race with the viewer to see who can get out of their clothes faster and goddammit he's going to win. His red hair is slicked back, though a lock or two has fallen loose in his clearly obvious hurry to strip. His fair skin is freckled all over from what we can see, with the promise of more to come.
Fan Background: Competitive and hot-tempered, the quintessential Irishman (he shows up in kilts in a lot of fanart), fond of drinking, carousing, and getting his way. There's a sharp division in the fandom over exactly how much he likes to win and what he'll do to secure his victory. There's quite a bit of BDSM fic with him, though unlike Vincent (who is always the dom in these scenarios), Aidan is split between being dominant or forced into (and quietly enjoying) the submissive role. There's a specific 'zine dedicated to Historical Romance!Aidan, almost always pairing him with female OCs but always set in Celtic Ireland or Medieval England. When he's set in the modern, post-Boom world, Aidan is usually an Airman, usually no higher than Airman First Class so as to compare to the much-quicker-advancing Vincent. It's also widely accepted that he has the best alcohol tolerance of the Calendar Guys.
Often Paired With: January, August

Mr. April

Real Name: Martin Jones
Fan Name: Roman Cox
Pose: This one's in the running for raciest (tied with August): April has on nothing but a waist apron and a smile, and he's facing mostly away from the viewer, half-turned so that buttcheeks are visible but nothing more...explicit. He is looking at the camera over one shoulder though, and he has a mixing bowl tucked between his near arm and his body, stirring its contents (it looks like chocolate chip cookie dough) with his other hand. He clearly knows he's being a bit naughty, judging by the twinkle in those brown eyes and the half-grin on his lips. His dark skin really makes the white-with-red-stripes apron stand out (or perhaps the other way around?), and his curly, shoulder-length black hair is pulled back away from his face for the sake of sanitary baking.
Fan Background: If the way to a man/woman's heart is through their stomach, Roman has it covered. Written/portrayed as a caretaker, usually; the truly explicit stuff with him almost always includes aphrodesiacs. His fic collection cants more towards the other Calendar Guys than OCs, but the female OC collection is still pretty strong. He's very much a switch, willing to top or bottom depending on what he feels his partner needs of him at the moment, but he's very unwilling to put up with pain or to take part in outright submission. That being said, there's a vocal contingent of August/April fans, who don't go in for Vincent as Master and more as the driven-to-succeed young man who puts so much into his career that he needs someone to take care of him. This duty then falls to Roman, who tends to *ahem* ALL of Vincent's needs out of love rather than subservience; the conflict comes in when Vincent finds himself unable to successfully communicate his appreciation for all that Roman does for him. Roman thus usually does not end up in "PWP" fics; even the most graphic fics starring him usually have some sort of romance in them (possibly flagging Roman as demisexual).
Often Paired With: February, June, August, December

Mr. May

Real Name: Lucas Johnson
Fan Name: Darryl King
Pose: In the gym, lifting free weights in front of a mirror. His back is to the camera to show off his (#1 ranked on the base) rear in those tight shorts, but his face, with its sparkling hazel eyes and easy-going smile, are visible in the reflection. Aside from the aforementioned tight (possibly too tight to really work out in) shorts, he has on socks and sneakers (because, again, GYM) but no shirt, apparently. He's clearly military by the Air Force tattoo on his left bicep and the crew cut brown hair. He's built like a basketball player: well-muscled, but not too bulky, and he seems to be inviting you to join him for a set.
Fan Background: Generally considered heterosexual, with his female OC pairings vastly outnumbering the slash pairings (for a change). Darryl is usually thought of as the sort of man's man who isn't an asshole misogynist about it: strong, in charge, but gentle and considerate, the sort of "Father Knows Best" type that has spawned a number of "Daddy" fics in the fandom. The fanartists love drawing him on cars (either alone or *cough* With someone, ifyaknowwhatImean). His most popular slash series is with the shy and perpetually innocent December though, where Darryl holds Riley's hand (and a number of other parts of him) and leads him through an initiation into manly love-making. Interestingly enough, Lucas is one of the actually gay-in-real-life Calendar Guys, and he's commented before on how much he loves the May/December series. One of the few rarely paired with either January or August.
Often Paired With: February, December

Mr. June

Real Name: Danny Walker
Fan Name: Donovan Wayne
Pose: Just getting out of a lake after a swim, wearing a tight pair of navy speedos, both hands pushing his long, wet-dark red hair back out of his face as he exults in his recently-completed swim. He's obviously a strong swimmer, judging by his build. He looks like the Greek ideal of young, strapping manhood brought to life, like he could be a marble statue if it weren't for his darker skin tone. There's just enough light on this day to make the water glisten on him.
Fan Background: Donovan is a slackabout hedonist, more interested in pleasure than work. Though his appetites approach those of January or August, he doesn't have the sheer kink or interest in BDSM that either of those more sexually-avaricious months do. A lot of his fics draw a connection between food and sex (and thus ensure that he's often paired with April), but mostly he's written as a stoner/playboy/out-for-a-good-time type. A lot has been written about how he'll make sure that everyone involved is having a good time, and there was a brief kerfluffle in the fandom as to whether or not he'd be the type to take part in orgies (all that pleasure all at once! vs. but so much energy expended in the process). The number of June + Female OC fics is about even with the June + Calendar Guy/Male OC fics, honestly, and so he's usually considered bi/pan for this reason. He's laidback, the kind to flirt with everyone, happy to go with those who take him up on it, but the kind to just shrug and move on if rejected. This makes him another favorite of the "PWP" fic set.
Often Paired With: January, April, July, August, September, November

Mr. July

Real Name: Luis Lopez
Fan Name: Juan Flores
Pose: Working maintenance outdoors on some sort of machinery, July has shed the top part of his work jumper (tying it around his waist) and has stopped for a moment's break, wiping the sweat from his brow with a hand painted black with grease (and leaving something of a smear in the process). He has a tribal tattoo of a cross on his right bicep, and his right hand holds a large wrench. His shoulder-length black hair (left loose in defiance of safe work practices) curls damply from the sweat. He's one of the few Calendar Guys who isn't clean shaven, as he has dark stubble along his jawline, chin, and upper lip. He has his eyes closed and looks to be quite happy to be taking a second to breathe.
Fan Background: Juan is portrayed as exactly the sweet, hard-working sort of boy you'd take home to introduce to your parents. He's working to provide for his large family, since his mother is elderly and his father is dead, leaving Juan the "man of the house" as the oldest of 8 siblings. Devout Catholics (as many Latino families are), he dutifully attends church each Sunday (there are a number of "confessional" fics for July). He summons up many of the "Latin lover" stereotypes in some of the raunchier fics, but a lot of the standard smut has him more interested in sweet love-making than outright fuckfests. There was an entire series of September/July fics centered around the Nature/Machine dichotomy, with a side helping of religious/philosophical differences (since both July and September show off their religious beliefs in their photos). In slashfics, Juan tends to be uke, only occasionally topping and usually doing so only after blushing protest. Aside from the wildly-popular September/July fics (and some rather dark but well-received August/July or January/July one-shots), most of his fics pair him with women.
Often Paired With: September

Mr. August

Real Name: Joshua Wilson
Fan Name: Vincent Davis
Pose: Sitting on a stool in a rather steam-filled bathroom, leaning back against the cooler tiles. He's completely naked save for a towel draped over one leg and, of course, his crotch. He's running a hand back through his short strawberry-blonde hair and he looks very relaxed.
Fan Background: Aloof and elite, the very definition of an ice prince (strangely enough). He's always in control of ...well, everything, including his emotions. Ambitious, with eyes on being a Brigidier-General someday, but is currently a lieutenant (often flagged in fics as one of the youngest to make lieutenant since the Boom, due to his drive and high work ethic). Vincent is often a favorite of BDSM fics (always in the Master role, of course), though there's a significant amount of writers/readers/artists who enjoy "making him lose his control" either through love or an overabundance of passion. He's almost always portrayed as either strictly hetero- or homosexual, depending on the fic in question. In homosexual fics, he's usually the seme, though one of the most popular August fics has him submitting to January's lurid advances.
Often Paired With: Everyone

Mr. September

Real Name: Grant Ford
Fan Name: Brett Michaels
Pose: Shirtless and sweaty out in a forest, crouched down with his back against a tree. There's a faint glint of light off of the simple silver cross around his neck. He's wearing combat boots, black leather fingerless gloves, and tight black leather pants; his head is turned to his left, brown eyes narrowed as he tries to peer around the tree without being seen by the unseen enemy who must surely be closing in on him. The sweat dampens and curls some of his short brown hair. He's preparing his crossbow to fire at his target.
Fan Background: Brett is a good and righteous man, a hero and a warrior. He lives out in the forest, devoting himself to the simplicity of nature and nature's God. But while he is an excellent hunter, he is also hunted, framed for a crime he didn't commit and for which a sentence of death has been handed down. While he enjoys his sojourn in the woods, he misses the home that was thus stolen from him. In fics where he's paired with a woman, he is usually portrayed almost as a knightly paramour, deciding to devote himself to the strange-yet-beautiful woman he's almost certainly rescued from certain doom and/or nearly shot when they came across each other hunting. In slashfics, he's almost always in the seducer/seme role, though there's a significant amount of fic that has him as switch-for-the-right-guy, and somehow very well-versed on instances of homosexuality in nature that prove that it is not, actually, an unnatural deviation in the animal kingdom. Brett is often thought of as bisexual regardless of the sex of the person he's paired with.
Often Paired With: June, July, October

Mr. October

Real Name: Kyle Sanders
Fan Name: Tyler Cummings
Pose: Dressed as fox, or, rather, as a sexy fox, given that he's got fox ears, a tail, some tight blue jean shorts, a black vest, and nothing else on. He's leaning against a doorframe in a very "Hey, how you doin', sexy?" sort of pose; the rest of the scene is obviously decorated for a Halloween party, and he has a bowl of candy in the arm not propped up against the doorframe. His hair is a copper-brown, not at all matching the orange-red fox ears or tail, and is a messy sort of spiky; the ends have been dyed a more foxy orange-red though.
Fan Background: The mischevious trickster of the group, obviously. There's a lot of Fantasy AUs where Tyler actually is a kitsune or trickster god/spirit or else a werefox or what-have-you. There's a long-running fancomic series where Kitsune Tyler is accidentally trapped by Brett and thus has to be his servant for the rest of Brett's life because of his own failure in being caught by a human. A great many adventures are had, a romance sparks and grows, etc. Tyler is almost never paired with female OCs but the ones he does get paired with are more than a match for his wily ways.
Often Paired With: January, February, August, September

Mr. November

Real Name: Tang Li (Chinese order)
Fan Name: Tony Long (Western order, obviously)
Pose: In a bedroom, just taking off a rich, soft-looking burgundy robe; it's just slid off his shoulders but is still tied so that most of his lower body is covered until the hem stops just short of halfway down his shins. The top of the robe is a deep v, showing off his chiseled abs and the beginnings of a faint dusting of dark hair trailing down below the beltline. He has an intense, smoldering look as dark blue eyes peer out from his messy brown bangs as they fall into his face. He looks hungry, and not for food; his mouth is parted just a little, as if he were in the middle of saying your name.
Fan Background: For some reason the fandom has decided he's 1/2 Chinese; Li doesn't mind this, as he's actually 3/4 (his father is 1/2 Chinese). In any case, Tony has parents obsessed with honor and the family name, but Tony is rebellious and wants to be his own man. This usually takes the form of homosexual affairs -either of love or just lust- or else running around with non-Chinese women that his oppressive parents would not approve of. Given his slightly more-covered state, it's become semi-fanon that he has a tat of a Chinese dragon on his back, along his spine (thus "Long" as his surname; aside from giving some wonderful opportunities for puns based on penis length, it does mean "dragon" in Chinese). Some people write him as being cruel and seductive (and seme if paired with a man); others see him as being a more "in charge of my own sexuality" type of uke (as opposed to, say, December). When paired with women, he's almost always dominant, though not in the rather extreme way Vincent tends to be. There's a rather unfortunate trend of "exoticism" with Tony.
Often Paired With: January, June, August, December

Mr. December

Real Name: Chris Cook
Fan Name: Riley Manning
Pose: Sitting in front of a fully decked-out Christmas tree, wearing nothing but a red ribbon tied in a bow over his *ahem* private parts. He smiles sweetly at the camera, and there's a tag on the bow that says "For You". He's leaner than a lot of the other Calendar Guys, but no less sexy, and the pretty green eyes and chin-length (and slightly messy) blond hair seem to reflect the lights of the decorations around him. He's even blushing faintly as if slightly shocked at his own behavior here (likely a holdover from his model's embarrassment).
Fan Background: Riley is widely considered to be bi-leaning-homosexual by the fan community, and the fics pairing him with other Calendar Guys far, far, far outnumber any female or male OCs. It's an incredibly rare fic that has him top, for that matter: the fandom decided that his status as "gift" made him the ultimate uke, it seems. He's painted as almost painfully innocent and naive, shy and embarrassed at the lurking appetites lying dormant within him (soon to be awakened by whomever he's paired with, of course). Most often seen with the ultimate semes (January and August) but he's been paired with every other month in the calendar more than once by now. Unfortunately, Riley is often the target for fics of questionable (or outright missing) consent (which doesn't sit well with his model). There's a famous series of May/December fics (started, as the author admits, because she'd heard the term "May/December Romance" and had mistakenly thought it referred to the Calendar Guys) that are almost cavity-inducing in their sweetness, but otherwise most fics involving Riley descend into debauchery all too quickly.
Often Paired With: January, May, April, August, November