Calendar Guys 2036

Mr. January

Real Name: Takahashi Arata (Japanese order)
Fan Name: Hikaru Mori (Western order)
Pose: This shot was clearly taken just after Arata pulled the sweater off over his head: his short dark hair is attractively mussed, and the sleeves haven't been pulled all the way off his arms yet, but an expanse of pale skin over well-toned muscles greets the viewer, along with an attractive blush on his face and a hesitant "oops, you caught me" kind of smile. The tight black jeans are unbuttoned but not yet unzipped and they ride kind of low on him anyway.
Fan Background: Hikaru is often written as the shy virgin, eager for new experiences. This is especially true for male pairing fics, where he may or may not have been with women before, but certainly never with a guy. He's almost always either hetero- or homosexual; in the fics where he's been with women, he's often said not to have it enjoyed it as much and, having been with a man now, realizes he's gay. Outside of the bedroom, Hikaru's very active in sports (usually winter sports like skiing, given his position in the calendar).
Often Paired With: April, September

Mr. February

Real Name: John Connors
Fan Name: Zack Anderson
Pose: Wearing a tuxedo and a smile. The tie is long gone, and the shirt is unbuttoned almost all the way down (though it's still tucked into the pants). He's holding an open bottle of wine; the hand not holding the bottle is about to tug his shirt the rest of the way out. He's definitely gazing at the viewer with his bedroom eyes. His short brown hair is only a little mussed, and there's a hint of lipstick on his collar.
Fan Background: Given the lipstick on his collar, he's almost exclusively paired with female OCs. When he's with men, it's usually made clear that he's bi or pan, and he often dresses his male partners up as women. He's a favorite for transgender OCs as well, and there's a series of very adventurous threesome fics with Zack, Corey, and a female OC. He's almost always a very alpha male/top, or else is a take-charge type of bottom (in the rare times he's portrayed with men). Always written as coming from a very well-off background and enjoying the finer things in life. Also, ever since he was renamed, you can always find Calendar fangirls giggling during showings of The Matrix, what with Agent Smith's drawling intonations of "Mr. Anderson". (Even Marie is guilty of this.)
Often Paired With: female or transgender OCs

Mr. March

Real Name: Cassidy O'Brien
Fan Name: Killian O'Kelly
Pose: The calendar creators have clearly been paying attention to the fandom: HE'S SHIRTLESS IN A RED PLAID KILT. DONE. He's pulling up the hem of the kilt juuust a bit like he might be offering up a peek; he looks very, very mischievous. Full sleeve of tattoos on each arm, of various symbols and subjects but the Celtic cross over his heart/left pec certainly takes center stage more than any of the arm tats. Messy/dirty shoulder-length red hair, a gold hoop earring in his left ear, and a smattering of freckles all over his fair skin.
Fan Background: The rock 'n' roll bad boy. The one who sees what he likes and takes it. Dear God Above is Killian popular. He's in historical romance bodice ripper type stories, just like March 2035, but he's mostly written in the here and now as the ultimate alpha. (This is a contrast to his model, who is actually a real sweetheart and is a little concerned about the amount of time his calendar avatar spends shoving people around/holding them down/engaging in more violent kinks.) Killian likes the BDSM thing so long as he's the one in charge; he would never, ever be the type to be tied down, after all.
Often Paired With: Everyone

Mr. April

Real Name: Shaun Forrest
Fan Name: Allen Showers
Pose: Apparently he was caught out in the rain; he's still peeling the (now see-through) white button down shirt off - a compelling contrast to his dark chocolate skin. His pants are already gone, and his boxers, though drier than his shirt, are still wet and clingy from where the rain soaked through his now-missing pants. He's standing in front of and to one side of a roaring fireplace, but he still looks like he's hoping you'll be the one to help warm him up again. The firelight glistens off his wet skin appealingly.
Fan Background: Fun with the name aside, the fandom loves Allen. He's portrayed as adventurous and hopelessly romantic; this makes him a favorite of the more romance-centered female OC fics, but far and away the authors love pairing him with January. Hikaru's "willing to try anything" attitude combined with Allen's "willing to do anything" attitude make them attractive for any number of kinks or even just rain- or snow-soaked romances. (Cheesier writers can't resist talking about January "melting" into April's arms...) And, of course, because of the obvious joke the calendar creators made, he's very often paired with May's Mark.
Often Paired With: January, May, July

Mr. May

Real Name: Brad Brown
Fan Name: Mark Flowers
Pose: May is completely naked and covered in flowers. COVERED. Aside from his chest and face, there's very little of him actually visible through the wildflowers coating him: parts of his arms here, a leg there. He's laying on grass, his eyes closed and a small smile on his face, as if he were lost in some private daydream. His fair skin is like smooth porcelain, and his shoulder-length red hair is splayed out behind him on the grass. Everything covering him is some species of wildflower, but there is a white rosebud tucked behind one ear.
Fan Background: "April Showers Bring May Flowers" hurr hurr, you're hilarious, fandom. Anyway, Mark's either a head-in-the-clouds dreamer or a hedonist, depending on who you talk to. The fandom is split hard on his personality, and the wars are the stuff of legend. Naturally, the more graphic and hardcore the fic, the more likely he is to be the ultimate pleasure-seeker. Surprising no one, most of the fics of him with female OCs have him being the dreamer who refuses to come back down to earth, while most of the fics pairing him with men have him being more hedonistic.
Often Paired With: April

Mr. June

Real Name: Carlos Garcia
Fan Name: Miguel Fuentes
Pose: June 2036 is one of the raciest image yet in either of the calendars: he's entirely naked. He's laying face up on a beach towel, but the camera is to one side of him, not top-down. He has one leg up to block anything too naughty from view, and he has his hands behind his head. This shows off a lot of his excellent musculature: there is no tattoo, no freckle, no scar or blemish to mar his perfect cafe ole skin. If he knows the camera is there, he doesn't care.
Fan Background: Whether you think May is a hedonist or not, the entire fandom believes it of June. Or rather, they think he is unburdened by societal pressures and expectations, which makes him perfect fan-fodder for any and all scenarios. He's usually written as the "you know you want me" type of guy, cool under pressure, but steamy hot in the sack. With so little "personality clues" in his shot, he's a blank canvas to project the author's own desires onto, so the fics with him in it careen wildly about the sexual and romantic landscape. And, unlike with May, there are no wars about his personality or depiction. He's the sexual everyman, the romantic ideal.
Often Paired With: Everyone

Mr. July

Real Name: Willie Carson (and Striker)
Fan Name: Jesse Wood (and Bayonet)
Pose: A Voice with his dragon, apparently giving it a bath? He's washing the dragon like it's a car, which of course means he has to be shirtless and in tight cut-off shorts and combat boots. He's got soap bubbles clinging to his hands and forearms, and he's surprised because his dragon's tail has just knocked over his bucket of sudsy water.
Fan Background: **Note: Just because Kat didn't like Bayonet, doesn't mean the calendar fandom didn't love the idea of a dragon named after a pointed thrusting weapon.** Jesse is sweet, clumsy, and believes he's a jinx. He's the type of guy who's completely unaware of how hot he is, and that just makes him even more attractive, of course. He's a great believer in luck and superstition. Bayonet has been trying to break him of these ridiculous notions, especially the belief that he is cursed/a jinx himself. Of course, Jesse can't believe his good luck at having caught the attention of whoever he's being paired up with in the fic, and tends to need constant reassurance that he is wanted/loved. This is a good excuse for constant sex, of course; a lot of the more romantic smut fics feature him.
Often Paired With: April, September

Mr. August

Real Name: Miles Vaughn
Fan Name: Carter Lord
Pose: Leaning against a fighter jet, shirtless, hair short but with messy bangs falling into his eyes - or they would be if he didn't have a hand combed back into his hair. He still has his flight harness on (despite the lack of any other uniform or gear from the waist up), which emphasizes just exactly what he's packing downstairs.
Fan Background: Carter is into BDSM, clearly, because there is no reason to wear a flight harness without a shirt unless you're hoping to make use of it for some non-regulation purpose. Carter's obviously the sub/into being bound, too; the fandom swears the look on his face is one of surrender. He makes the perfect foil for August 2035: where Vincent was theorized to be military, Carter obviously is so; where Vincent was often thought of as being the Dom, Carter is the Sub; both are often written as kink-loving, etc. The entire fandom overlooks the fact that fighter jets are no longer used; in fact, most of them tend to forget it's even in the picture.
Often Paired With: March, May

Mr. September

Real Name: Ty Layne
Fan Name: Corey Mann
Pose: In a bedroom, in front of a full-length mirror. His back is to the camera; he's wearing tight and flattering pants and he's slowly unbuttoning his signature turtleneck. Enough of it is open that some of his chest is visible in his reflection in the mirror. He's looking back over his shoulder as if his lover had just walked in and caught him undressing, and he's smirking juuuust slightly.
Fan Background: Corey's a flirt and, regardless of who he's partnered with in the story, widely regarded as pansexual. The term "metrosexual" gets thrown around a lot, too, given his excellent taste in clothes. He's often written as either a fashion designer or a runway model, and a lot of the female OC pairings have him taking a shy, hesitant girl out shopping for a new wardrobe/makeover (these tend to be more romance-oriented stories than pure sex, but there's quite a few of Corey taking his partner - either male or female - out shopping for lingerie, leather, or sexy costumes).
Often Paired With: January, July

Mr. October

Real Name: Tavis O'Leary
Fan Name: Ciaran Powers
Pose: Standing on the top of a cliff, arms raised to the dark night sky; he's illuminated by what looks like lighting (magical lighting effects; the lightning was photoshopped in later, just for safety's sake) and wind is whipping his hair and the purple-lined black cape he's wearing back appealingly. It's also blowing open the emerald green poet's shirt he's wearing, showing off some of his chest. Those black jeans are practically painted on, so they are apparently unaffected by the storm-summoning.
Fan Background: Ciaran is a wizard/sorceror of some sort, clearly, and thus, just like October 2035, winds up in a lot of fantasy stories where he lives alone in a hidden tower in the forest. His pursuit of magic has led to a lonely life... until someone (often April) shows up. The kinkier stories cast him as more of a villain, using his dark powers to get what he wants (this happens often when he's paired with January), but most of them write him as lonely and desperate to be loved, socially awkward but throwing himself headlong into love (and/or sex) when he finally stumbles across it.
Often Paired With: January, April, November

Mr. November

Real Name: Unknown
Fan Name: James Chilton
Pose: Kneeling as if before an altar, head bowed so you cannot see his face clearly (by the model's request). Most of the room is draped in shadows; what little light there is is very stark, however. What you can see is mostly pale skin and large muscles. His pants are a dark gray and tight-fitting; there's a large cross around his neck. His dark hair is loose, falling in his face (to help further obscure it) and to his shoulders. One hand is resting on a small cat o'nine tails laying on the ground before him, and careful examination shows some red lines on his shoulders where he has been struck recently (make-up effects of course).
Fan Background: November is the inverse of June: no one knows the model's identity but the picture sops over with personality cues. Of course, this makes June and November a popular pairing. James is named after one of the passengers on the Mayflower (so, a pilgrim), and he is almost never paired with female OCs. It is assumed that he is self-flagellating for the sin of homosexuality, praying to rid himself of his wicked desires. Darker fics have him coming across the Dark Wizard Ciaran's tower, and the clash between Magic and God sets the backdrop for some truly jaw-dropping depravities. Also often paired with March; the rare times he's with a female OC, she's always a dominatrix. The variants of him "giving into temptation" are numerous.
Often Paired With: March, June, October

Mr. December

Real Name: Rob Downing
Fan Name: Nicholas
Pose: Sexy Santa! Definitely the largest, most typically "masculine" of the lot, with a big burly chest and large arms - all of which he's showing off, of course. He's seated on an ornate (and obviously Christmas-themed) throne, red pants indecently tight and shirt or coat conspiculously absent. He still has the black patent leather belt and boots, and the hat, of course. His beard is bushy but not long (dyed white for the photo), and he's grinning as he pats his lap in offering so you can come tell him exactly what you'd like for Christmas this year.
Fan Background: The fandom immediately agreed on Nicholas or Nick for his name, but there's no consensus on a surname. Doesn't matter! He's jolly and whether you're naughty or nice you're sure to get your stocking stuffed and oh dear god it's all terrible horrible cheesy Christmas gags in his fics, no one can help themselves.
Often Paired With: Everyone