Sims 3 Legacy Challenge

Before you create your Legacy Founder, you must first create the Trait List. Choose the Legacy and Black Sheep Traits - as much as possible, they should be opposites (examples: Legacy trait: Artistic, Black Sheep trait: Can't Stand Art; Legacy trait: Workaholic, Black Sheep trait: Couch Potato). Then choose four more "Good" traits and four more "Bad" ones (keeping in mind that these are subjective: if you're going for an Evil family, "Good" would be your Black Sheep trait, and things related to helping others and doing good deeds would be bad). For your list, you should have 14 spaces for your 10 traits and the extra spaces should be filled with repeats of your main two traits.


  1. Can't Stand Art
  2. Absent-Minded
  3. Artistic
  4. Family-Oriented
  5. Can't Stand Art
  6. Perfectionist
  7. Friendly
  8. Inappropriate
  9. Artistic
  10. Photographer's Eye
  11. Snob
  12. Can't Stand Art
  13. Unlucky
  14. Artistic
This is what you roll on when creating new family members. With the exception of your Legacy Founder and any infants born to the family, all traits assigned must be RANDOMLY CHOSEN FROM THE CHART (though obviously if you get a trait that conflicts, you roll again). Once someone has either the Main Legacy trait or the Black Sheep trait, they can never have the other, even if they don't conflict (for example: your Legacy trait is "Genius" and so you choose "Insane" to be the Black Sheep trait; the game will allow Insane Geniuses, but you cannot have one in the family if you have them set up this way. However, if "Genius" and "Insane" are NOT the two main traits, they *can* be taken together).

Everyone in the family MUST have at least one negative trait, except the Legacy Founder. Your Legacy Founder should have NONE of the negative traits (and thus will have all five of the "Good" ones), because they are the standard that the rest of the family will try and, of course, fail to live up to. When a baby is born, if you are allowed to choose both traits, you may choose one from the list to assign to the infant, but the second one must be randomly picked from the trait list. If most of the traits you have for your family aren't available to infants, you can choose one trait from the non-Legacy-family spouse to assign instead, and the other will be random from the list.

Exception: the Lucky trait. Only one living Sim on the lot may have the Lucky trait at a time (with the exception being spouses/adopted children who happen to have it already). When there are no Lucky Sims living on the lot, then and only then can you assign the Lucky trait to someone else (so if you have the situation where there were two Lucky Sims because of a moved-in spouse, both the spouse and the original family member must die or leave the lot before the Lucky trait can be assigned to someone else). This does mean that "Lucky" CANNOT be the Legacy Trait. However, there is no restriction on Unlucky.

Create your Legacy Founder. You can only create this one Sim for now (though if you want them to have a pet to start, you can create the pet as well). Move them into an existing house on an existing lot in whatever neighborhood you like.

Keep in mind: once someone has been assigned a Lifetime Wish, they CANNOT change it. They must pursue the Lifetime Wish assigned to them, so choose carefully for your Founder!


Play the game as normal with the following restrictions:

For those wishing to "score" the challenge: When the third generation has entirely died off (that is, the Founder & their spouse, all of their children and those children's spouses, and their grandchildren & grandchildren's spouses), it is time to stop and count up the score. Note that you only have to worry about Sims living on the lot; you don't have to go around town to find out if the other children of the Founder have died, etc.