Sims 3 Inherited Home Challenge

Congratulations! You're just starting out in life and someone has given you a house (and maybe even some furniture)! It's been in their family (and probably yours, but who knows - it could be a friend's place) for generations though, and there's just one thing: you're not allowed to mess with it too much. But still, free house! Well, sort of.

After that, play the game as normal, but remember that, no matter how large your family gets, you cannot add on house space. You can add the basement in once you have $100,000, but you have to add the entire basement at once. You are allowed to change decor, furnishings, appliances, etc. and obviously to replace anything that gets damaged in cooking fires or what-have-you.

If there's room on your lot for it, you can add a second structure (like a guest house/apartment sort of thing) once every sim in the household has completed their lifetime wish. For example: if your sim is living alone still, completes his/her lifetime wish and has the money to do it, you can add in the second structure. However, if your sim is living alone, completes their wish, and then someone else moves in/acquires a new lifetime wish (i.e., offspring in the house age either age up to YA or acquire a LTW early) before you have the money to build the new structure, then you have to wait until they've completed their LTW as well. Children who are too young to have LTW or haven't yet chosen one do not count against you for this requirement.

Adding a second structure works just like building the original house: You must build the entire structure you want at once. You can add rooms inside it, but not take away/rearrange them after the fact. You cannot build up but you can add in a basement with the same caveat that it must be added in all at once and cannot be expanded either, nor can it extend beyond the boundaries of the second structure. The second structure MUST BE FREE STANDING, AWAY from the main house. It cannot be in any way attached to the house (though putting up columns and roofing them to make a covered walkway is fine, but the "roof" must not connect to either the main house nor the second structure).

The only other structure you can have is a garage. If you have a driveway and the room for it, you are allowed to attach the garage to the house and create a door into the house. You cannot build on top of the garage, whether it is attached to the house or not. Garages (attached or otherwise) are allowed at any time after your sim has saved up $50,000. You cannot build more than one "guest house".

Other Rules:

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