Department of Vampiric Enforcement (DoVE)

The term "DoVE" technically refers only to the U.S. Cabinet-level department in charge of dealing with non-human beings; in practice, it's often used (especially by Americans (*cough*)) to refer to similar organizations around the globe. The EU, G8, EAS, ASEAN, and most of NATO all have their own departments/ministries/bureaus specifically for dealing with vampires (primarily). In addition, Interpol has its Hunter division (again, this is a colloquial term, though most countries use it) for dealing with international vampiric crime. Initially, these departments were aware of Witches, weres, and Fey, but kept the knowledge to themselves; in the last few decades, Witches and were have let their existence be known to the general public. The Fey, as usual, prefer to remain esoteric.

DoVE (and most of its various international brethren, especially in NATO and the G8) officially began in 1970, but the reality is that the groundwork was laid not long after the end of hostilities in World War II. The existence of vampires came to the attention of the Allied nations due to Nazi experimentation upon vampires. Hitler wanted a vampir-soldat division at a minimum; his advisors (especially Mengele, who consulted on the project but was busy with his own work, and Himmler, who oversaw the Ahnenerbe division through which these experiments were conducted) wanted to see if they could take it a step further and isolate what compounds gave the vampires their speed, strength, nigh invulnerability and, of course, their Gifts. They could then enhance their own soldiers and be that much closer to an invincible Aryan super-race.

Increasingly, German and Austrian vampires (and vampires of other nationalities/ethnicities who were captured) were used more as guinea pigs than as soldiers. Thankfully, the Nazis were never able to figure out the secret of the vampires' abilities (probably due to the PTB subtly interfering to keep it that way, as well as to the supernatural basis for these abilities in the first place).

The Allies were, of course, unaware of these experiments until approached by a woman identifying herself only as Athanasia. She was a vampire and one of her Children had been an experiment subject. Athanasia, a Secondborn, had little trouble freeing the girl, as well as most of the other vampiric prisoners from the Institut für Wehrwissenschaftliche Zweckforschung (Institute for Military Scientific Research) at Dachau. Of course, she need not go alone: she led the Allies to the main camp and was directly responsible for Dachau's liberation on 28 April 1945.

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