The History of Vorpal Lhura


"For longer than human memory can recall, there have always been the Gods and the Demons. It is said that their struggle against one another is what created our world, along with all its magic. It was created exactly as we know it now, and all the races upon it began in that instant as well. All the flora, the fauna, the humans, elves and dwarves, all of us. (Of course, the various were-types were the result of magical experiments, and the various undead were the result of necromancy and dark magics, but all the important races were here.) The Dragons were the first created, some say at the exact same time as the world began."

This is what most humans believe. The elves and dwarves have slightly different takes on it: the elves putting more emphasis on the wild creatures and the dwarves putting more emphasis on the mountains and bedrock. What the Dragons may or may not know about the creation of the world is a mystery; they're keeping that to themselves.

What most don't know is that, in the beginning, there were two beings of phenomenal power. In the oldest, most decrepit and secret of texts, they are referred to as the God of Order and the Goddess of Chaos. They are the progenitors of the Gods and Demons. They are the true beginning of everything that involves Vorpal Lhura, and they have long since been forgotten by most races. The Gods and Demons want the mortal races to worship them, and so they've worked hard to erase mention of their parent beings from history. But then, they do not hunger for power and worship the way their "offspring" do.

The God of Order and Goddess of Chaos created this world and all on it. They created the first of the races and cities, including an ancient underground city deep within Vorpal Lhura, down near the Heart of the World. The race that lived here were possessed of a vast intellect, but very little common sense, and were thus eventually destroyed. Whether the God and Goddess had a hand in this or whether their own stupidity did them in is unknown.

However, they had created golems: stone beings capable of moving of their own free will, with great intelligence. They were handsome statues with unique runes traced upon them, including one prominent rune etched into their faces. Each golem had a different face-rune: it was a distinguishing mark amongst them and amongst the underground race.

Among the most dangerous creations of these people was the Soul Cannon. Incredibly powerful, this weapon is powered by souls, as the name would suggest. Any soul - or part of a soul - used as "ammunition" in this way would be completely destroyed. The more powerful the soul, the greater the damage the Soul Cannon could wreak.

A large chunk of this history was written by Keiran Stevens, with only some tweaks by yours truly. Heapings of praise and thanks upon you, Keir!

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