Although the island of Vorpal Lhura resides on a smaller planet than Earth, it is far enough away from its sun that its year is fairly similar to ours:

It is perfectly regular, requiring no crazy leap years. The year starts on the first day of spring. The months are generally spoken as "The Month of Rebirth" or such, but simply written as "Rebirth 1st" (which is actually just called New Year's Day) or "Leaves 19". Naturally, the first three months make up Spring, the second three months Summer, etc.


  1. Rebirth
  2. Verdant
  3. Wind
  4. Freedom
  5. Gold
  6. Sun
  7. Home
  8. Crimson
  9. Leaves
  10. Sleep
  11. Pale
  12. Snow

The days of the week are all named after various Gods and Demons. Any similarity to Earth days are purely coincidental.

  1. Atheday (named after the father of all Gods, Athe)
  2. Monday (named after the Demon of greed, Mone)
  3. Otheday (named after the mother of all Gods, Othe)
  4. Mooday (named after the mother of all Demons, Moo)
  5. Stryday (named after the God of industry, Stry)
  6. Aday (named after the father of all Demons, Ado)

To clarify: Athe rhymes with "wrath" and stays that way for the name of the day; Monday is pronounced the same as in English, though the Demon's full name is pronounced like "moan" - it's been worn down over the centuries; Othe rhymes with "moth" and stays that way for the name of the day; Moo is pronounced like it looks and stays that way; Stry rhymes with "try" and stays that way; and although the name of the father of all Demons is pronounced "ah-doe" (rather like "auto"), the name of the day once again got worn down, so it is simply Aday (as in "a-day").

Monday is named after the Demon of greed because it is the usual payday, just as Stryday is so named for the God of industry because by that point you have put in a hard week of work, supposedly. Most employers give Aday and Atheday off, except for taverns and other public service sort of jobs. Schools are in session every day except Atheday, and most Holy temple services are held on Atheday. Unholy temple services are, naturally enough, generally on Aday.

Secular Holidays (Celebration Days)
The term "holiday" is actually reserved for Holy Days. Secular holidays are called "celebration days" in general unless naming a specific one (i.e. Pirate Festival Day). There are also unholidays. You get one guess what those are. Unless noted otherwise, these are celebrated all across the island.

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