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Vorpal LhuraPast Updates:

Continuing slow work on CSS conversions for validation, but no one but me cares about that. ;) One of my New Year's Resolutions is to get Vorpal Lhura to a playable state before June 16, 2011, which is my birthday. I didn't work on it much at first (my other resolution was to go cold turkey on soda, and the caffeine withdrawal hit me pretty hard), but the last day and a half or so has seen some massive upgrades, with more coming!

What I worked on yesterday:

  • Added the Bladedancer class
  • Human template updated
  • Dwarven template updated
  • Skills page updated
  • Advantages/Disadvantages page updated
  • Minor tweaks to the character creation page
Perhaps more importantly, the first successful character was made in this process, by my good buddy, Matt. His Dwarven Brewmaster was created on 100 points, using the Dwarven template. Tonight, I attack the Elven template, work on making an Elf...magician of some sort, and then test it out in combat against the Brewmaster.

Here's hoping 2011 is going well for y'all so far, and that this year will see VL become a playable game at long last!

You ever wonder why my updates are on Tuesdays, it's 'cause that's WoW patch day.

Focus now cannot be higher than 10. Read the new Focus rules here. You can also see the beginnings of the CSS conversion on that page; eventually all the pages will be done similarly, on the road to verification.

Been working on updating and correcting the magic pages, as mentioned. A lot of the magic pages still referenced Spirit as a stat, which no longer exists. Holy spells are now listed both alphabetically and by level, so you have your choice on how you want to view them. I find the level ranking more efficient for combat and post-creation leveling, but maybe that's just me. The more in-depth descriptions of what the spells do is on the Alphabetical page though, so keep that in mind. I also did this for the Unholy spells, and it helped me realize that I needed more Unholy spells for the lower levels - so I added some. I think the only thing both Holy & Unholy need now are rituals/sacrifice practices.

Well, and MP costs. *facepalm*

I added this status update archive, so that the index doesn't get forever long.

Holy crap, it's been two years since I last worked on this. Well, I have a lot more free time now. Here's hoping. Don't hold your breath; Cataclysm's about to launch.

Added some new Skills and Advantages/Disadvantages (don't think I've linked that page before. Oops). Also updated the How to Play page and uploaded a character sheet (in *.docx format) for all the good that does you at the moment. Probably going to need to tweak up the starting HP across the board. Possibly drop the starting MP to 0 (for humans)? Focus, on the other hand, I may just shift to a 1-10 slider. After all, the amount of Focus you need is equal to the level of the skill/ability; since those top out at 10...

It's amazing that I literally JUST NOW thought of that. *facepalm*

Next up, I think I'm going to look at magic: the spells, the rules for it, everything. I need to figure out how long it takes to cast these spells, which brings up the whole combat system again, which is still a major obstacle for me.

Posted the new character creation page. At least, it tells you about the main stats and suchlike. I'm thinking an 80 point character would be a good starting place, but nothing's definite yet. Humans, Elves, and Weres have their baseline templates up on their pages - I'm giving you the baseline stats (HP, MP, Focus) for free but any Advantages/Disadvantages listed there you have to buy, even if it's a racial requirement (Elves get Inherent Elemental Magic, Werewolves have Disadvantage: Bane: Silver, etc. etc.). This is to keep EVERYONE from being some sort of non-human race. There's always a downside, after all. Not that we can't have a campaign filled with weres and elves and suchlike - I just want the players to be aware that there's a trade-off for that. You want to have fewer points to distribute among other areas 'cause you wanted to be a werefox? So be it.

I made Beserking a bitch. Also, magic. Magic can get kinda pricey, point-wise, but then, that's sort of the point. Magic is pretty widespread throughout the world, and it has its definite uses (healing magic anybody?) but there are still lots of people who don't know a single spell and get along just fine. Also, magic doesn't really get too expensive until you start picking up multiple schools; you start sinking points into your other schools and yet your MP stays exactly the can be kinda frustrating. This addresses my biggest concern, which was that there was no reason people couldn't have three schools of magic. Now it's something to think about before you do it, and even if you do, your priority really does shift to your primary school (because increasing your ability there increases your overall MP).

And of course, there's my number one concern: The Roleplaying. I think you'll find that if you roleplay your character well, I'll let you get away with a lot of shit. The common refrain heard in The Gamers: Dorkness Rising of "It's what my character would do" will serve you well here. This also means that you should pick a character you really enjoy. I'm still prepping character templates, but if there's something you really want to do/be in Vorpal Lhura and you don't see it here, please please please e-mail me about it. If it can fit in a fantasy world, odds are good I'll let you do it. The setting is largely Western Fantasy, but there is some Eastern influence scattered about. We're not quite to steampunk yet, but there are flintlock firearms and of course there's magic. If it's vaguely fantasy-ish, tell me about it, and I'll bet you I can fit it in. There are a lot of things I'd love to fit into VL that I just haven't gotten to yet (pirates, for example; they're mentioned here and there, but I don't have anything much up for them at the moment).

Working on the new character creation page (thus why the current one is not linked), adding skills, advantages and disadvantages. Things're trucking along on those fronts. Also creating baseline templates for the races and major occupations that players are likely to take (hunter, thief, fortune-teller, trained lady, etc.). The LJ comm is up and going, with its own e-mail addy now.

If there's something you're curious about that you can't find the answer to right now, let me know, either at my regular e-mail or the one above (it forwards to my main account anyway). If I can't give you an answer right away, then that tells me it's something I need to put some work into (like, oh, say, the rules...).

One thing to definitely keep in mind about the possibility of playing this game online is that we won't necessarily have to have a "gaming night" (though I'd like to). With doing this through LJ (instead of AIM), it opens up things a lot for those with tight schedules; squeeze in a post whenever you have a few minutes to type it up, y'know? Though that reminds me, I should work on the "How to Play" page as well...

OH, and if you're curious about the map here, it's intended to one day be an image map, where clicking on certain areas takes you to the relevant description of that place. However, making it an image map is not my primary concern at the moment, and this map is lacking in sites anyway.

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