The Complements' Residence


Complements are women along the lines of geisha or courtesans. A proper lady is taught to read and write, draw, paint, do needlework and sewing for the poor. They are taught to play an instrument or sing certain soft, beautiful and spiritual songs. But mostly they are taught how to walk, how to sit, how to tactfully inform someone of a mistake, and how to artfully insult a rival. They are taught which fork to use, which dress to wear - the forms and appearances society requires.

Complements are taught all of this as well, though their repetoire of both literature and songs is broader. They learn history, science and mathematics. They are accomplished in a great many ways, and they are given lessons also in how to be alluring and pleasing to others. Their name is an indication of their nature: they are to be a complement to their client, to complete and escort him. (And often they're a compliment to their clients as well.)

A Complement is no mere prostitute - she is not bought. She is wooed as carefully and skillfully as any future wife; more so, in some cases (only, with a Complement, one has no fear of in-laws). Still, certain gifts of monetary and sentimental value must be exchanged before a Complement would even begin to consider any more intimate interaction. Yet it is the fact that Complements do engage in these carnal acts that makes them scorned by good, honest, proper ladies. Many is the wife who has taken an extreme jealousy of her husband's Complement, and sought to undermine her rival with whatever means necessary.

This is one of many reasons that most Complements take up some sort of defense: either hand-to-hand combat, or a small, concealable weapon such as throwing daggers. A Complement set to defend herself or revenge herself upon you is as good as having an assassin loosed upon you: she is just as quiet, just as deadly, smarter, and better at flirting her way into information...or your home.

The Residence, located in DiCi (where else?), is where Complements are raised and undergo their initial training before moving onto one of many Homes scattered across the island. A great many Complements-in-Training are the daughters of a current Complement who was incautious - either with her contraceptives or (worse still) with her heart. Some were sold as very young children by families who had too many children and badly needed money. Rarest of all are the young girls who are brought there by families who willingly sought this life for their daughters.

The Residence is a largely a private school of the highest order: geography, languages, math and science, history, music, dance, and philosophy. If the world at large understood the rigorous training a girl most go through before the word "sex" is even brought up within her hearing, they would hold more respect for the women who are brought up in this life.

Around the time they reach 14 or 15, they are sent to journey to an assigned Home. They are always sent with a bodyguard who works at the Home and can be trusted not to attempt anything with the girls. It is in the Homes that the girls complete their training: in addition to advancing their previous studies (although any areas they show more mastery in are substituted for areas they have less aptitude for), they add in self-defense, combat, and classes in seduction, flattery, and the ways of men and women.

When she is ready, she will be sent out into society, and after several months of entertaining and advising, a suitable first match will be sought for her by her mentors. It is a great honor, and one a man pays very highly for. This money is split between the newly christened Complement and her Home. This arrangement will continue for at least a year, with lessons on managing finances. Then, when she has saved up enough money, the Complement will begin to seek her own place. She will decorate it as she sees fit, and from then on will entertain those she chooses there.

She will always be greeted with open arms at the Residence or any Home, though she is assured of the warmest welcome from the Home she trained in, unless she has done something to shame her Home and the entire profession. There is a Code to being a Complement, and while many bend the rules from time to time (indeed, certain rules are nearly impossible not to bend), rare is the Complement who would dare to break them.

Complements' Code

Playing a Complement

You are the mystery of all women made flesh, and you know it. Whether you're arrogant about it or not is a question of character, but you should be confident in your skills at turning a man's head...and then keeping his interest. You are also a very excellent judge of character. After all, why waste your time attracting a man who is not worthy of you?

During a typical day, depending on who you are seeing, you may be doing anything from reading langorously in the shade drinking tea to advising a powerful man on his political and/or business options. Some of the more martially minded Complements have even gone to war with their lovers, continuing to advise and even protect him on the battlefield. You spend most of your nights entertaining, depending upon your particular strengths: having a concert, hosting a dinner party or book reading, or dancing for the private enjoyment of the object of your affection.

Complements are advised to put off falling in love as long as possible, and warned sternly that falling in love with a married man is the way to heartbreak and ruin. The human heart is rarely so accomodating, but certainly a Complement may leave the profession at any time. Some return to it later, having been abandoned by their lovers once the blush was off the rose, but most who leave don't go back. They instead find honest jobs to supplement their usually not-insignificant savings.

Yours is a full life of busy nothings, and it can get lonely. Friends are held to fiercely, for it is not uncommon for two Complements to seek the attention of the same man. In the end, all men are clients, but your sister Complements must come first. Men come and go (pun intended); sisters are forever.

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