The Gods & Goddesses

The Gods are a universal force for good, and represent order, peace, purity, and justice. They are beings of incredible energy, but can manifest in the minds of humans as humans themselves (or elves in the minds of elves, etc.). They are generally kind-hearted and forgiving.

This having been said, they're also fairly self-righteous. Don't argue with them; they don't look kindly on that. And though they claim to only love and forgive all beings everywhere, they purely, seethingly HATE the Demons. It's an old grudge, and no one's real sure how it started (even the Gods are beginning to forget what kicked the war off that resulted in the planet's creation...).

Most Popular Gods & Goddesses
Athe (rhymes, oddly enough, with "wrath")- Father of all the Gods
Othe (rhymes with "moth")- Mother of all the Gods
Liger (lie-jer (as in "jerk")- God of Righteous War
Milit (millet)- God of Humility
Nes (ness)- Goddess of Kindness
Stine (rhymes with "dine")- God of Abstinence
Asti (ass-tee)- Goddess of Chastity
Pati (patty)- Goddess of Patience
Beral (barrel)- God of Liberality
Stry (rhymes with "try")- God of Industry

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