Spirit Magic

Spirit Magic is the magic of the self, of your own spirit. It is drawn from the energies provided by (in order of quantity/quality of energy provided) soul, heart, mind and body. Thus, one must eat, drink and sleep to regain energy lost. It is the energy one needs to live; using too much of it on magic can be fatal. Also, anything that affects any one of these elements will affect the overall energy level: for example, although body contributes less energy than any other, and the quality of energy it contributes is not as good as the other three elements, eating right and exercising will nudge up one's energy levels. Similarly, having one's leg hacked off will have a detrimental effect.

Spirit Magicians channel their own energies. They can create force fields, energy balls, even levitate a short distance off the ground. They can heal minor injuries (themselves or others), but attempting to heal a major injury could threaten a Spirit Magician's life. Unlike other magicians:

*they do not have set spells,
*they do not suffer backlash,
*they cannot be hurt by their own spells, and
*they can be killed if they cast too much in too short a period of time.

Spirit Magicians have another major drawback: if they love someone enough, they will end up Bound to that person. To be Bound to someone means that the Spirit Magician will always have a hot/cold, near/far sensation of where that person is; they can direct their own energy to that person no matter how near or far or what obstacles stand in the way, and can, if that person allows it, take energy from them as well. But there is a price: if the person to whom the Spirit Magician is Bound is wounded, the Spirit Magician will feel the same pain, and will lose energy. If the person to whom the Spirit Magician is Bound dies, the Spirit Magician dies. If the person to whom the Spirit Magician is Bound abandons them, hurts them intentionally, or otherwise suddenly does not return that love, the Spirit Magician will suffer a crippling blow to all energy sources; many have gone insane from the grief. Some Spirit Magicians even feel sick when the person they're Bound to gets mad at them!

Being Bound to someone is not a conscious decision. The longer and deeper a Spirit Magician loves someone, the more likely they are to end up Bound.

Finally, while Spirit Magic cannot be Disrupted, Interfered with, or Prevented, and suffers no penalties for dealing with cold iron, Spirit Magic is keenly tied into its wielder's state of being. Conditions under which Spirit Magic loses its effectiveness include (but are not limited to):

*wielder is intensely hungry, thirsty, or tired
*wielder is scared, panicked or distracted
*wielder is bleeding profusely or has sustained trauma

These are just some examples, and the effects of these on Spirit (for the purposes of spellcasting) ARE cumulative. For example, if a Spirit Magician is very tired, frightened, and has taken heavy injuries, his Spi (for spellcasting) will be very low. The effects on his Spi last as long as the causing condition. So once he feels safe, gets some sleep, and has his injuries tended to, his Spi will recover.

Keep in mind that any significant physical, mental or emotional change will affect a Spirit Magician. That means that for female Spirit Magicians, "that time of the month" takes on an extra level of hatred. During her period, a female is not only bleeding a lot, she is also usually cramping, moody, and gets tired more easily. Spi takes a big hit during this time, reducing some female Spirit Magicians' reserve of energy to almost nothing.
Playing a Spirit Magician
Being a Spirit Magician means you can do nearly anything you want with your energy, but you should always remember that it IS your own energy. If you cast a force field around yourself and someone hits your shield with a flame spell, you will feel pain. It won't hurt as much as being hit by the spell itself, and you won't be burned, but there is still pain, and there is still a damage penalty assessed (usually to soul). Also, there are certain levels that must be maintained for your own health. Adrenaline can temporarily up your body and heart energy, and is thus a great boost, but once it's gone, you'll probably crash into unconsciousness.

Spirit Magic gives off a sort of "glow", a gold colored "aura" that outlines any object made of Spirit energy, enchanted or enhanced by Spirit energy, or any person who knows Spirit magic. This "aura" is detectable at the lowest levels of Spirit energy, but does not extend to oneself; that is, you won't see a golden glow around your own hands, unless you're actually using your Spirit energy for magic at the moment.

Also, being a Spirit Magician, from a player standpoint, is slightly more complex than being any other sort of magician. Any other magic-using player will have their typical Mind, Body, and Soul stats, plus their magic reserve stat. You will have Mind, Body, Soul, and Heart stats, which will add up to your magic total. You will not have a reserve stat like another player, but you will have a safety limit on each number. If you hit safety limit on every stat, you will drop into unconsciousness. It IS possible to cast magic until you drop dead, if you are suicidal enough (or are trying to save the life of the person you are Bound to: their survival will always come first in your eyes), but normally your self-survival instincts will kick in and you'll drop into unconsciousness.


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