Major People of Interest
Dien Cinorra (deceased) - the first cartographer of any race, Dien Cinorra was a pompous man who imagined himself (and billed himself as) a "gentleman scholar adventurer." While he is owed a great debt for having mapped the island and founding its largest city, he would doubtless think he deserved more than he got (if he were still alive). Most beings with at least two years of schooling know his name and what he was, but very few know of his arrogance. He did piss the elves off quite a bit, but most younger elves don't see the point of carrying the grudge.
He did, of course, have heirs to carry on the name: the Cinorra family is largely dedicated to scholarly pursuits, though every now and then a new "gentleman/woman scholar adventurer" comes along. Mostly, the family oversees Cinorra University in DiCi, and quite a few of them teach there as well. For professors and administrators, they maintain a fabulous existence, seeing as how they are the de facto rulers of the city - a new mayor is elected every four years, but they are always quickly made aware of the keen debt they owe the Cinorra family, and thus bow to their wishes in all things.

Dr. Maox - While most machinery is steam powered, magic powered machinery (MPM) can be produced, if you have the know-how. Dr. Maox does. And can make whatever you like - for a price. For MPM, his prices are quite reasonable. After all, a MP death machine would be several million gold anywhere else.
Dr. Maox can also repair and service both SP and MP machines. Service and repair on a machine he made is always free.
Dr. Maox's shop can be found in DiCi - if you have the right guide. Normally, getting around in DiCi is easy, but Dr. Maox has gone out of his way to stay out of the limelight. His interest is neither fame nor fortune (though you may be tempted to call lie on that last when he lists his prices), but simply the fun and challenge of creation.

Other NPC's
Ilina, White Dragon Scholar

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