Okay, humans in this world aren't much different from humans in any other world. They hold any number of jobs, have any level of education, and are well-known for their resourcefulness, spirit, and sheer refusal to die. Within the tech level of the world, you can be just about anything you want: a paladin (dark or light), a pirate, a wandering warrior monk, a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker.

Human Template

This is the baseline Human template.

There's nothing inherently special or nifty about being a Human, which does give you sort of a blank slate to play with. There is no cost for the baseline of 10 HP and 10 Focus; however, you can lower your HP to get points (2 character creation points returned per point of HP reduced) back during character creation if you wish. This will put you below the "average" Human however, so think carefully on whether or not you wish to do that. You may split your basic stat points as you see fit, but the "average" for Humans is 5 each in Speed/Dexterity and Strength and 5 each in Logic and Creativity. MP will, of course, depend upon the schools you take and how high you buy them, as outlined here.

Humans have no base Advantages, Disadvantages or Skills. However, there are many classes a Human can belong to which would require these things (Priest/Cleric, Bladedancer, Complement, Hunter, Thief, Fortune-teller, etc.) However, you must buy your class template; only your racial template is free.

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