Most skills have levels, like spells; some (Meditation, for example) do not. As usual, the higher level you are in a skill, the better you are at it. The "point cost/level" indicated for each skill below are the costs to level the skills at character creation ONLY and you cannot level a skill beyond level 5 at creation.

You spend points to level up skills, which is to say that, if you have a level 1 (non-combat) skill and you have 16 points, you must spend 15 of them to reach level 2 (as indicated in the chart below), leaving you 1 point leftover (to start saving towards buying level 3). You do not keep points as you level, and each skill or ability levels independently of one another. After character creation, skills level according to the following table (where it says "To buy level 1" is only if you're buying this skill AFTER character creation; the cost during creation is as listed for each skill):

Non-Combat Skills
  • To buy level 1: 10 pts.
  • level 1 --> level 2: 15 pts.
  • level 2 --> level 3: 20 pts.
  • level 3 --> level 4: 25 pts.
  • level 4 --> level 5: 30 pts.
  • level 5 --> level 6: 35 pts.
  • level 6 --> level 7: 40 pts.
  • level 7 --> level 8: 45 pts.
  • level 8 --> level 9: 50 pts.
  • level 9 --> level 10: 55 pts.
TOTAL: 325 points
Combat Skills
  • To buy level 1: 15 pts.
  • level 1 --> level 2: 25 pts.
  • level 2 --> level 3: 35 pts.
  • level 3 --> level 4: 45 pts.
  • level 4 --> level 5: 55 pts.
  • level 5 --> level 6: 65 pts.
  • level 6 --> level 7: 75 pts.
  • level 7 --> level 8: 85 pts.
  • level 8 --> level 9: 95 pts.
  • level 9 --> level 10: 105 pts.
TOTAL: 600 points
**Note: Healing is a MAGIC skill, and thus levels through Holy

Any skill that has levels also has Fortes associated with them. These are special enhancements you can choose to add to your skills as you level them up, and they are free of charge. You can add a Forte at levels 3, 6 and 9 of a skill (and yes, that includes during character creation!), however, you can only add 1 Forte at a time. So, when a skill is level 10 (the highest level), you could have up to 3 Fortes for it. (You do not HAVE to have a Forte if you don't want them.) Click on the skill name below to bring up a *.txt document of its related Fortes. Most Fortes do not have a level requirement; the exceptions are marked. Some Fortes can be taken multiple times; that is, you can take "Projection" (for the Oratory skill) at level 3 and again at level 6, if you want to.

Cart Driving (+3, Special Gear required) - There are no levels for Cart Driving; either you can drive a cart or you can't. Special Gear is only required if you plan on actually having a cart to drive around; if your character knows how to drive a cart but simply doesn't have one at the moment, then obviously you don't have to take Special Gear.

Chemistry (+4/level, Special Gear required) - You are a capable chemist, given the right ingredients and equipment. Whether you use your powers for good (medicines, beneficial potions) or evil (poisons, drugs) is up to you.

Chemistry Specialization (-2/level, Specialization required) - If you only want to be good at ONE particular type of Chemistry, you may take a Specialization which will reduce the cost to buy and level Chemistry. You can only have the single specialization if you do this, however. Your character may later branch out, but will have to treat new knowledge as if s/he were a novice chemist.

For Example: Cerinne is a cat burglar who uses a special concoction to knock people out so she has all the time in the world to nick their belongings. Her player decides that this chloroform-like creation is a family secret, and it is the only thing she knows how to make, but she can make it very well. Cerinne's player takes Chemistry and Chemistry Specialization: Knockout Gas, so instead of paying 4 points to learn Chemistry, he only pays 2. Cerinne can make it quickly, and can be very resourceful about getting her ingredients, so the player pays 2 points per level (instead of 4) to upgrade her to level 5. He has paid 10 points total (2 to get it, and 2/level up to 5).

Later on in the campaign, Cerinne stumbles across an ancient book of poisons. Her player now wants her to learn from the book. He will have to pay 4 points to learn Chemistry (since Cerinne was taught only how to make Knockout Gas), and will have to pay 4 points per level as she learns how to make poisons from the book. If Cerinne levels up her knowledge of Knockout Gas in the process, however, the player will only pay 2 points per level - for leveling Knockout Gas ONLY. Leveling poison knowledge -and any other chemical products- will still require 4 points for each new level. (He will only have to "rebuy" the starting Chemistry skill once though.)

This is meant for those who are sure they only want a single specialization in Chemistry; however, it does give them a way to grow later, if they get the opportunity and wish to spend the points on it. Chemistry Specialization can only be bought ONCE (you can't Specialize in both Poisons and Drugs, for example - that'd be just regular Chemistry) and must be taken WITH Chemistry even though your character cannot utilize the broad, sweeping knowledge of Chemistry (you can't just take Chemistry Specialization and take the 2 points off your character sheet totals).
Specializations include: poisons, drugs, medicines, magical potions, anesthetics, etc. Pester the GM if you think up one that isn't listed.

Crafting (+2/level, Specialization required) - Crafting includes things like Woodworking, Sculpting, Painting, etc. Cooking also comes under the Crafting heading if you're talking about being a chef; it's assumed you can cook well enough to feed yourself at a minimum. Crafting also covers things like Blacksmithing, Metalworking, etc. For an additional point, you can pick up a related specialization; it's a point per specialization, not per level. For example: You take Crafting-Blacksmithing and pay an extra point to pick up Armorsmithing as well.

Disguise (+2/level)

Firearms (+4/level, Special Gear required) - You know how to maintain and safely use Firearms. Firearms skill does not give you proficiency with other Ranged Weapons (see that skill for use of bows/crossbows). As with Cart Driving, if your character knows HOW to use a gun of some kind but doesn't actually OWN one, then you can skip the Special Gear requirement.

Gambling (+1/level)

Hunting (+2/level)

Intimidation (+2/level)

Language (+4) - This is for learning a language Other Than Your Own. It is assumed that all Dwarves speak Dwarven, all Elves speak Elven, all Humans speak Human, etc. (Weres, having been originally created from Humans, speak Human.) So if you're a Human who wants to learn Elven, this is the Skill for you to take. The cost is 4 points per language learned; there are no levels.

Law (+3/level) - How well you know the Law of the Land, as it were. Required for law enforcement types but also good for Hunters and not a bad idea for those on the wrong side of the law, too. Higher levels imparts knowledge of local variations in laws/consequences as well as legal precedent (a town guard is maybe level 1 or 2 in Law; a high-end, top quality barrister is closer to level 8, a judge level 9 and a lawmaker level 10).

Leadership (+3/level)

Medicine (+3/level) - You are a healer of the non-magical kind. You can't work miracles, but you can ease pain and suffering, and possibly keep people alive. Level 1 is basic first aid, and is a good recommendation for adventurers; Level 10 is the equivalent of a combat surgeon (stitching people up in the middle of a battlefield).

Meditation (+4) - You get in touch with your personal deity/higher being/Nature/your inner self for at least an hour. Meditation restores 4 MP per hour (compared to the normal 1 MP per hour of just not spellcasting) and 4 Focus per hour (compared to the normal 1 Focus per hour of sleep/rest).

Melee Weapons (+2/level, specialization required)

Merchantry (+2/level)
Merchants know how to haggle, how to strike a deal, and how to sniff out a scam. They're excellent at making money (and keeping it). Specializations aren't required, but some ones you can take would include barkeep, traveling merchant (better knowledge of trade routes), etc. Pester the GM if you think up one that isn't listed.

Mounted Combat (+3/level, Riding skill and Special Gear required) - You can fight while on horseback (Note: you're going to need a warhorse/charger for this; beg, borrow or steal one)! Mounted Combat requires Riding at Level 5, minimum, but if you take Mounted Combat, you can buy up to level 5 in Riding for 3 points total and each additional level at 1 point/level.

Observation (+3/level) - You are very keen-sighted, aren't you? The higher your Observation skills, the more details you can pick up as you look around. Useful for finding lost/hidden items, traps, etc., and also may help determine Initiative in Combat (Observation is considered a Non-Combat Skill).

Oratory (+2/level) - You can speechify with the best of them. This is the skill for standing up in front of an audience (or even just talking with one or two people) and delivering a lecture or speech. The higher your level in Oratory, the more moved and attentive your targeted audience (large or small) will be.

Performance (+3/specialization; +2 to level after that, Specialization required) - You are capable of performing in some manner. The higher your level, the better you are at it. You can have multiple performance abilities: each specialization costs 3 points to buy, and 2 points to level after that (hey, if it were easy, everyone would do it! You'd be out of a job then!). Note that this is DIFFERENT from Oratory! The Oratory skill is one that can make your chosen profession easier (by persuading that angry mob that you were liberating that money, not stealing it, for example); whereas, the Performance skill is a Trade skill in and of itself (you sing in the tavern, people give you money). While Performance might come in handy to an adventurer in similar ways to Oratory, they are separate skills.
Also note: some Specializations require Special Gear!
Specializations include: dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument (special gear), story-telling, fortune-telling (special gear), stand-up comedy, etc. Pester the GM if you think up one that isn't listed.

For Example: Diena is a young bard, just learning the trade. Her player buys Performance: Singing for 3 points, giving her level 1 singing. Deciding that Diena's voice is her key asset, the player upgrades her to level 5 for 8 more points (for a total of 11). Diena's player then purchases Performance: Playing the Mandolin for another 3 points, but decides that it isn't quite as good as her singing and only upgrades it to level 3, for a total of 7 points spent on Mandolin-Playing, and 18 points spent on Performance skills in total.

Politics (+4/level)

Profession (+1/level , Specialization required) - You have started down a career path of some sort. Level 1 is considered an apprentice, level 3 a Journeyman; at level 5, you could hang out your own shingle. At level 10, you are considered a Master. Specializations include: architect, blacksmith, apothecary, tailor, butcher, baker, candlestick maker, etc. Pester the GM if you think up one that isn't listed.

Ranged Weapons (+3/level, Specialization required) - You can attack people from far away; this usually requires either a bow or a crossbow (Firearms have their own skill and proficiency).

Riding (+2/level) - You can ride a horse! This really isn't as easy as it sounds to most people. Riding also assumes you know how to take care of your horse on at least a basic level. Important Notes: If you want to fight while mounted, you'll need the Mounted Combat skill. Also, Riding does NOT have Fortes.

Sailing (+4/level) - You know your way around a ship! Level 1 is what a beginning sailor knows by the time they've been on ship a few months; by level 10, you could bring a pirate ship into port with one arm and leg tied behind your back, with the wind a quarter astern and the tide low.

Scholar (+4 for level 1; +3/level after that, Specialization required) - You are studying an academic subject of some sort. The Scholar skill is for those who wish to deeply explore a topic. You can be a magician and not be a Magic Scholar, for example; you know how to cast your spells, but a Magic Scholar would know who first created that spell, how they did it, etc. Higher levels of Scholar indicate how much you know about the subject in question: a level 1 History Scholar has deeper knowledge of major historical events in Lhuran history than your average citizen, but is still essentially a student; whereas, a level 10 History Scholar is an Expert, and knows things almost no one else knows about what has transpired in the past.

Your first specialization in Scholar is Free, included with the 4 point Cost. Additional specializations are 1 point each to acquire, and might level together, if they are closely enough related. At the GM's discretion, some Specializations may not level together.

For Example: Mari is a Holy cleric and a scholar. She's deeply interested in History and Lore, which the GM decides are related enough that she can spend 5 points (4 to get Scholar: History and a fifth to get Lore) and another 6 points to level both History and Lore to level 3 (3 points for level 2 and another 3 for level 3). However, Mari also wants to be an Astronomy Scholar; the GM decides that's a separate discipline entirely, and so while it only costs 1 more point to pick up Astronomy, Mari's player must spend 3 points per level separately to level Astronomy. She decides to only level it once, to level 2, thus making her total spent on Scholar skill 15 points (4 for Scholar: History, 1 each for Lore and Astronomy, 6 points to level both History and Lore to level three and 3 points to level Astronomy to level two).

Specializations include: History, lore, writing, mathematics, religion, magic, engineering, languages, astronomy, etc. Pester the GM if you think up one that isn't listed.

Search (+2/level) - You're good at ferreting out things. Level 1 lets you find something someone lost in a room; level 10 can help you in uncovering secret doors.

Seduction (+3/level) - You're very good at least appearing interested in someone. Very, VERY interested, if you take my meaning? Maybe you follow up on your promises and maybe you don't, but the higher this skill is, the more likely your target is to believe that a good time will soon be had and respond to your charms.

Stealth (+3/level) - You are sneaky. Usually a requirement for thieves, but it has its above-board uses as well. Higher level grants you a higher likelihood of not being found out.

Swimming (+1/level)

Thievery (+4 for level 1; +3/level after that, Specialization required) - Welcome to the wrong side of the law. Every thief has a specialty though: your first one is free with the cost of Thievery, and additional ones are 1 point each. However, at GM's discretion, some specializations may not level together.

For Example: Cerinne is a very good cat burglar. Her player picks up Thievery: Cat Burglary for 4 points and decides he wants her to be a level 4 Cat Burglar, so he spends another 9 points (3/level) to get her there. He pays an extra point for the Lockpicking specialization, and so that is also at level 4, having leveled *with* Cat Burglary. However, Cerinne also has skill in pickpocketing. The GM declares lifting something from someone's pocket to require a different skillset than picking a lock and sneaking into someone's house, so while Cerinne's player may have Pickpocket specialization for 1 point, he must pay 3 points per level if he wants it higher than level 1 for his character. Thus to have Cerinne have the Cat Burglar, Lockpicking and Pickpocketing specializations all at level 4, he must pay 24 points (4 points for Thievery level 1, which includes Cat Burglar for free; 1 point each for Lockpicking and Pickpocketing level 1 (for a total of 2); 3 points/level for 3 levels in order to get Cat Burglary and the related Lockpicking to level 4 (so, 9 total); and 3 points/level for 3 levels (again, 9 total) for Pickpocketing) to level 4).

Specializations include: pickpocket, burglary, shoplifting, purse snatching, lockpicking, etc. Pester the GM if you think up one that isn't listed.

Throwing Weapons (+2/level, Specialization required)
Specializations include: daggers, axes, shuriken, darts, chakram, boomerangs, etc. Pester the GM if you think up one that isn't listed.

Unarmed Combat (+2/level, Specialization required)
Specializations include: brawling, dodging, karate, throws & holds, etc. Pester the GM if you think up one that isn't listed.

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