The Realm of Vorpal Lhura



Vorpal Lhura

Special Thanks

As I've mentioned before, making a game like this is nearly impossible without help, and I have had some really dedicated friends help me with this game, with the mechanics, the world and magical system designs and with general inspiration.

  • Matt Rush Game & Combat Systems, Advantages/Disadvantages, Skills, and Werewolf Consultant; Alpha Tester
  • Lisa Coss Tireless Motivator and Cheerleader; Alpha Tester
  • Keiran Stevens Magical Items & Systems, History and Lore Consultant; Alpha Tester
  • Courtney Brown Dragon Co-Designer
  • Christina Guthrie World Design Consultant; Alpha Tester

Vorpal Lhura's updates and very existence simply Would Not Be were it not for these individuals, who constantly let me bounce things off of them and pick their brains. They made suggestions, made improvements and made sure I didn't give up on VL. Much love and gratitude to you guys; you rock my world ('course you helped make my world, so...).












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