Holy Spells Alphabetically

Note: Some spells listed here have fewer than 10 levels; unlike skills, the levels listed here indicate the minimum level you must be to know that spell. For example, Bless starts at level 7, so that is the level you learn Bless at, and not before. However, you do not have to "buy" your spells. Just consult with your local Holy Temple or higher level Holy Priest/Cleric and you're good to go - so long as you have the MP & Focus necessary to cast them.

The Focus cost of a spell is equal to its level: so a level 4 spell requires 4 Focus to cast; a level 10 spell requires 10. Some spells may have additional effects available for increased Focus costs. The MP cost of a spell depends on the level:

If you'd rather see the list of Holy Spells by level, check out the duly-named Holy Spells by Level page.

Bless: Bless adds Holy power to an item, animal, or person for an hour's time. The touch of the Blessed to anything Unholy burns like fire.

Cure: Cure only affects diseases, not wounds, and cannot resurrect.

Defend: Defend erects a magical field of protection around one's self (not castable on others).

Wall, unlike Bubble, only protects in one direction, which must be specified (mentally) by the caster.

Detect Truth/Falsehood: To tell if someone is lying or not. It must be cast before the statement you wish to verify is made, and lasts for an hour, during which time, every statement you can hear will be mentally verified for you. Good for business negotiations; in fact, Holy Clerics are quite often hired to be present for such meetings, so both parties know exactly where they stand. Level 3

Disrupt: reduces Focus of target Unholy Magician by 5 for purposes of spellcasting only. Disrupt lasts 4 rounds, does not stack, and cannot reduce Focus below 0. Works only on Unholy Magic. Level 9

For Example: Ferris casts Disrupt on Merenthal, an Unholy Magician with a Focus of 10. Merenthal's Focus for spellcasting is now 5. It will stay at 5 for four rounds (the round it first effects him and the next three), then return to 10. It does not go down by 5 the first round and then by another 5 the second.
Divine Intervention: Calls upon the Gods for their aid. So very Level 10

Exorcism: Exorcism gets ghosts out of houses and demons out of people, just like you'd expect. Fairly useless against any other type of undead though. Level = level of demon/ghost being exorcised (or higher)

Heal: Heal only affects wounds, not diseases, and cannot resurrect.

Immunize: Immunize offers disease protection for about an hour's time. Useful for hospitals and plague areas.

Inspire: Inspire moves people to follow the Gods' will for an hour. Note that as an instrument of the Gods, you are indirectly followed and worshipped as well. Good way to quell riots and gain temporary followers. Also, keep in mind that although they will aspire to act in good and Godly ways, those under the effect of Inspire are not blind. If you act in ways contrary to those of the Gods, you will lose your followers (i.e. "Be rid of your worldly material goods!" will cause those so Inspired to give you their money and jewels, but commanding them to, say, kill lots of babies would probably have them hauling you to the nearest Temple or Law Enforcement Office to either be redeemed or punished for your wickedness).

Interfere: reduces Focus of target Unholy Magician by 3 for purposes of spellcasting only. Interfere lasts 3 rounds (effects not cumulative; see "Disrupt" for example). Works only on Unholy Magic. Level 8

Prevent: reduces Focus of target Unholy Magician by 10 for purposes of spellcasting only. Prevent lasts 5 rounds (effects not cumulative; see "Disrupt" for example). Works only on Unholy Magic. Level 10

Prophecy: Prophecy is the ability to predict the future, given the current circumstances in the present. This means that Prophecy is NOT 100% accurate, as the future is changed by the decisions of mortals. Thus, prophecies can be warnings, their futures avoided.

Protect: Protect erects a magical field of protection around one other person or a group of other people (not castable on self).

Wall and Bubble effects carry into other levels, i.e. at Level 10, one could cast a one-person wall that absorbs 10 pts. dmg., a small bubble that absorbs 8 pts. dmg. or a large bubble that absorbs 6 pts. dmg. Wall, unlike Bubble, only protects in one direction, which must be specified (mentally) by the caster.

Purify: Purify spiritually cleanses an item, animal or person. Used most often in preparation for rituals, but can also be used to remove curses or other effects of Unholy Magic.

Resurrect: Raise people from the dead back to full health (i.e., not zombies or otherwise undead). Level 10

Sense Good/Evil: This is the ability to detect the intent/alignment of those around you. Higher levels allow you greater range of detection.

Truth: Truth can only affect one person (although it can be cast multiple times, depending on one's magic reserve) and although it cannot compel them to speak, if they SHOULD speak, they will speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help them Gods.


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